Your Love?

Over the weekend I wrote a poem. As a rule, I don’t typically share any of the ‘poems’ I write/have written for fear of public ridicule. I once took a creative writing class in high school and dreaded the part of the class when our assignments turned from short stories to haikus and sonnets. For some reason, I have never really felt like I was able to communicate what I wanted to in a few lines or less. Plus, there was always the fact that I inevitably ended up rhyming words that any kindergarten with a Dr.Suess book could figure out.

So, the mere fact that I sat down and wrote a poem is kind of amazing. Then, I submitted it to be published on a site that posts a new story or poem each day. To be honest, I didn’t think much about it. I had just spent three hours that day talking with my roommate, Jenny, about some of my desires and dreams for my life and my writing. Jenny has been a constant encouragement in my life, and over our coffee and quiche (admittedly my quiche had Tabasco—I’m classy like that) she mentioned how I needed to take some risks and it just seemed like a natural next step to send my work to someone to get feedback. That night, without even realizing what I was doing or giving myself time to reconsider, I sent my poem off to the great wide internet. A little less than 24 hours later, I had a response and an official email telling me my work would be published. Crazy!

Without further ado, here is the poem that will appear on on February 7th!

If you read my last post Jesus Sought Me you’ll notice a lot of the same themes. Enjoy.

Your Love?
By Jenn Duckworth

Your love?
To be honest,
Your love is overwhelming
Like the masses of water that cover this planet
Its depths make me feel very small

Your love?
Your love is stubborn
Like the inevitability of time
No matter how hard I try
Your love won’t stop

Your love?
Your love is relentless
Like a forced hug in a moment of rage
Your love won’t leave me alone

Your love?
Your love is painful
Undoing years of warped thinking
Like the resetting of a bone

Your love?
Your love is obnoxious
Your love is paralyzing
Your love is uncomfortable
Your love is foreign

Your love?
Your love is changing


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